Cartoons & comics searches aren’t what I expected (18+ comics)

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As part of a new content project, I started researching the world of comics and cartoons using ahrefs, curious to see what people are searching for on Google in relation to these terms. It’s fair to say that I did not expect to get the results I’m sharing with you today.

Here are the most popular queries related to “comics” (971,633 tracked keywords for Google USA on ahrefs).

18 comics ahrefs

In the top 10, generating hundreds of thousands of monthly searches, we find, of course, DC Comics and Marvel Comics, the leaders in the field. But also 3 adult queries: “porn comics”, “hentai comics” and “sex comics”.

It gets more disturbing when we go down the list and come across the awful “incest comics”. Shocking… There is a genre in comics that’s fully dedicated to “incest”. I didn’t type this query in Google to see what’s being offered to perverts searching for “incest comics” but the query is straightforward, no doubt about the material behind the click. 

We find similar results related to cartoon

disturbing results cartoon comics 18

There are more keywords referenced on ahrefs: 2,894,948 (Google USA). In the top 10, we come across the expected Cartoon Network but also, at #4 “cartoon porn”, then “cartoon sex” at #7. Just outside the top 10, at #12 and #13 we have “free cartoon porn” and “cartoon porn comics”.  

Update: I was looking for Harry Potter-related queries on ahrefs and I came across “Harry Potter porn”. Can you imagine that?.. Harry Potter Porn. There are obviously other related queries like Hermione Porn, etc. No comment. 

Vintage… porn

I had the same kind of surprise a few days earlier when I typed “vintage” in ahrefs.

My assumptions would have been “vintage furniture”, “vintage photos” or “vintage clothing” but, here again, porn was plastered everywhere on the list. See the top 20. The topic is ubiquitous.

vintage related queries

#1: vintage porn

#3: vintage erotica

#9: vintage nudes

#12: vintage sex 

#13: vintage porn movies


I would have expected such a flood of x-rated terms for “videos” (70% of the top 10 is adult content) but not for comicscartoons or vintage… I’m probably too prude.

Have you ever been surprised by the results of your SEO research? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below. 

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