One potential cause of inconsistencies between page views and impressions in adsense

Impressions correct but page views too low ? This might be the reason...

If you’ve recently noticed a sudden inconsistency between the amount of page views and impressions in your daily adsense report, it might have been caused by your legitimate attempt to optimize the loading speed of your website. Ad Scripts impact your site’s performance If you’re running adsense on your site and generate a LightHouse (via […]

Country and Language codes to be used with Google Ads API

country codes Google Ads API xxl

If you plan to use the Google Ads API via Python or another client, you will have to mention the location id(s) in your request.  You can download the latest CSV version of the file listing location IDs via this link. If you’re looking to call the API for country-level requests, I have compiled a shortlist of […]

25% of the content on Facebook and Instagram is advertising

25 ads out of 100 posts on Facebook and Instagram xxl

Sundays are usually the best moment to sit back in a comfy sofa, grab a good fiction book and a cup of tea and then, after a few pages, drift off into a well deserved nap.  For some reason, earlier today, instead of a vintage paper book, I opened my Instagram feed and started counting […]

How to create your first custom audience based on your Facebook pixel

create the first custom audience using facebook pixel xxl

Adding a Facebook pixel to your website is an essential step to improve the efficiency of your Facebook ads. It will enable you to create custom audiences. To be able to use the activity of your Facebook pixel to create a custom audience, you have first to assign an ad account to your Facebook pixel, […]

How to set up Google Universal App Campaigns

set up google universal app campaigns xxl

If you’re looking for a premium alternative to Facebook for app install campaigns, I suggest to explore Google UAC (Universal App Campaigns). Your ads will be distributed on the Search, Display and Youtube networks. Pro: it’s quite easy to set up. Con: it’s a blackbox, based on an in-house algorithm which you can’t easily fine […]