The deceptively simple things AI can’t do today

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Imagine you’d like to create a Pinterest-style search engine featuring 10,000 healthy vegan recipes from hundreds of different blogs. For each recipe, you want to grab the link to the publication, for the attribution, get a nice image, identify the main ingredients, source the nutritional data and craft a short description.   If you ask a […]

Should we be afraid of AI image generation?

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Yesterday morning my wife told me that the grey squirrel who’s frequently visiting our kitchen dared to venture as far as the living room and jumped on a shelf full of books 🐿 📚. I replied that it would be cool, if he did it again, to take a picture of him while he’d be […]

How to create geographic filters for lead generation automations using Zapier

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If you’re in charge of marketing operations for multi-location businesses, you might want to create geographic filters to assign incoming leads to specific locations. You can achieve pretty easily this using Zapier. The basic principle is that you should create one zap per location. For instance if you want to split leads between 5 different locations […]

Share a to-do list with multiple people

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Want to share a to-do list with multiple people? It’s not that easy to find the right solution. I first thought to use Typeform (you know I love Typeform) but the issue is that you can’t log the timing for each step of a form, you just get the start & finish times for each completed […]

Quickly check the Alexa rank & daily traffic of 150 websites, free of charge!

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I wrote this article back in 2019. The topic is now outdated since Amazon closed its Alexa service in May 2022. I invite you to use Similarweb, ahrefs, SEMRush, SERanking, SERPStat and the likes to evaluate the organic traffic of any website. If you don’t know how to use those tools, don’t hesitate to contact […]