Building SaaS for the Notion Generation

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Notion, a company founded in 2012, has completely redefined the standards of UI/UX.   I’m 47 (definitely not belonging to Generation Z). I started using Notion four years ago and my daughters (now 14 and 18) jumped in two years later. This tool has become ubiquitous in their daily life, helping them organize every aspect of their routine, […]

How Big is the SaaS Market in 2022?

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SaaS (Software as a Service) is the ubiquitous acronym on the lips of all investors and entrepreneurs in 2022. It’s widely considered as the best business model for upcoming startups, thanks to its recurring revenues ensuring some predictability if properly scaled.   SaaS has its own dedicated subreddit (/SaaS) feat. 35.8K members at time of writing. It’s […]

Is Verticalization the Future of Search?

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What do we mean by verticalization? A vertical can be defined as an industry / use case, either wide (e.g. hospitality, travel, health, software,…) or hyper focused (e.g. italian restaurants, flights, weightloss, CRM,…). Google offers a general purpose horizontal search engine, not aimed at a specific vertical. Google’s competitors include are Bing, DuckDuckGo,, Brave, etc. Competing with Google on the horizontal […]

Facebook messenger chatbot platforms, pricing comparison

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Here’s my updated (2022) comparison of Messenger chatbot platforms pricing models. CHATFUEL PRICES The free plan is now limited to 5,000 users. But the Pro Plan  has become slightly cheaper. You can check out all the details on Chatfuel’s website. You’ll find below the pricing just announced by Chatfuel. Bear in mind that the price is […]

The History Of Spreadsheets, from VisiCalc to Causal & beyond

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As I was sharing my previous article “Building SaaS for the Notion Generation“, a friend told me that in his business and his family, the application of choice wasn’t Notion but Airtable. And indeed Airtable has definitely marked a paradigm shift in the history of software, reinventing the spreadsheet format, bringing no-code database management to […]

Why is Facebook (Meta) Concierge Support so powerless?

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If you read this piece, it’s probably because you’ve had at some point your ad account disabled by Facebook for no obvious reason. One of the motivations very often seen on Reddit and in other professional forums is the vague “Circumventing Systems” justification.  Eight days ago one of my clients’ accounts was disabled for “circumventing systems”. I […]

The dropshipping business model is broken

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Each and every day, if you’re involved in a way or another in digital marketing / e-commerce, you are bombarded on Youtube with dropshipping-related ads featuring young affluent gurus sharing promising screenshots of their Shopify dashboards boasting 6-figure monthly sales (remember this word – sales – we’ll get back to this later), sometimes alternating with similar folks […]

What excites me the most about technology today?

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If you’re familiar with this blog, you have noticed that I’m a geek. A data geek but also a gadget geek. I love experimenting with new innovative products. In today’s post, I wanted to share with you my latest hardware experiments (2018 / 2019) and tell you what excites me the most about today’s consumer tech.  Alexa Echo […]

The market needs an affordable alternative to Typeform

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A few years ago, Typeform brought a breath of fresh air to the online form builders market. One of their main competitors at that time was probably Wufoo (now part of Survey Monkey). But Wufoo’s UX hasn’t changed much since the early days. Very old school.  Typeform’s main innovation was to introduce a new – conversational – […]