The new face of music A&R in the age of big data.

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There used to be a time when A&R teams’ main sources of talents were live gigs in the small venues of the so-called “toilet circuit”. I remember attending with a friend a gig at the Barfly (now Camden Assembly) in the late 1990s and spotting a band called King of The Mountains (soon renamed Grand […]

How to find out which technologies are used by specific websites

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Want to find out which technologies are used by your competitor(s) or which websites are using a specific technology? Here are four services you can use to get the answer in a snap. BuiltWith  It’s the only one I already knew before carrying out further research for this article. To be fair, it looks pretty old school compared with […]

Listeners to followers ratio, a key metric on Spotify.

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Some artists may boast an impressive monthly listeners count on Spotify, into the hundreds of thousands if not millions, but when it comes to the actual engagement, a lot of them display weak followers numbers. When evaluating the bankability of an artist, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the listeners to followers count: 2 to 1 […]

Facebook messenger chatbot platforms, pricing comparison

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Here’s my updated (2022) comparison of Messenger chatbot platforms pricing models. CHATFUEL PRICES The free plan is now limited to 5,000 users. But the Pro Plan  has become slightly cheaper. You can check out all the details on Chatfuel’s website. You’ll find below the pricing just announced by Chatfuel. Bear in mind that the price is […] Shopify technique: how to find the most popular Shopify websites on the internet

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If you consider launching an e-commerce venture, you should check out the most popular Shopify websites. Here’s a quick way to find them. Learn how to use for Shopify. Go to and type in the main Shopify IP address which is used by all webmasters connecting Shopify to their domain (via an A record): Then click on Other sites […]

Is there a sex shop for (married) christian couples?

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We all know that the internet is a deep rabbit hole. I will always be amazed at what I come across. Let me take you by the hand. Follow me in one of my weird search meanderings… Earlier today I was in the middle of some serious research around the “glow in the dark” theme. You know… […]

41 examples of marketplaces built with Sharetribe

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Sharetribe is a service which enables you to easily create product- or service-oriented marketplaces. You may be wondering which types of marketplaces have been built using Sharetribe… Here’s the answer.   In order to find examples of marketplaces powered by Sharetribe, I searched for the procedure to connect a custom domain to a Sharetribe instance, which you can […]

What are the most popular services on Fiverr?

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Besides the home page, which benefits from the huge brand awareness of Fiverr (1,640,000 searches per month on Google USA for the correctly spelled “Fiverr” head term), here are the 10 most popular Fiverr services (Fiverr Gigs) according to this SEO report.  I have also added the amount of ranking keywords generating traffic for each type of […]

The best marketing tools to legally spy on your competitors (and on your own traffic).

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When you’re preparing your marketing strategy, competitive intelligence is key. It’s essential to know what the others are doing (and also who’s interested in your own stuff). Here’s my selection of the 45 best tools to become a legal spying expert on the internet. I will update this list regularly. Let’s call it the ultimate marketing […]