What can be automated in content creation? [2022)

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If you’re an indie publisher competing against big-pocketed media outlets, you’ve got to be smarter than the pack and automate what can be automated, to focus on the highest value added tasks. The question is: what can be automated in content creation today? Can content ideation be automated?   Let’s be clear from the start to […]

What is myip.ms ? How can you use it in your research?

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Myips.ms is a popular web service which can be used for multiple purposes.  By default if you enter the myip.ms website you’ll see your own IP address along with some information: the name of your ISP, your status in the global blacklist of IP addresses (no reason why you should be blacklisted), your location, your browser […]

Which are the most popular APIs in the world?

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As part of my market research, I was wondering which are the most popular APIs in the world in 2021. As you might know, there are 2 main online repositories of APIs: RapidAPI.com and ProgrammableWeb. ProgrammableWeb is currently the largest API directory you can find on the web, feat over 24,095 APIs!  Unfortunately you can’t really play with the data on […]

I switched from WordPress to Publii, then I came back to WordPress. Welcome to my brand new site.

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ūüĎČ You might have landed on this article if you clicked on this link: https://callmefred.com/i-switched-from-wordpress-to-a-static-website-using-publii/ The content won’t be what you expected. You deserve an explanation. December 2022: I’m back to WordPress. In July 2019, I had decided to switch from WordPress to Publii (a great static site generator). It took me roughly a day […]

Is there a better online translation tool than Google Translate?

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This article will be very short. The quick answer is: YES.  This tool has been developed by the founder of Linguee, which you’ve probably come across if you’re frequently looking for long phrases translations (Linguee has a similar approach to Ludwig, mining phrases from leading publications).  The translation tool I invite you to consider if you’re looking to […]

How to play commercial music on a podcast

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Not all podcasts have the format of Joe Rogan’s episodes, consisting only of long informal conversations. By the way, speaking of Rogan, if you’re following the podcast scene, you might have read that he recently signed an exclusive $100 million deal to move his podcast to Spotify. That’s a lot of money! Which enabled him to revamp […]

How to properly declare events for analytical purposes?

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Properly declaring events in your app / website is a crucial step to get the most out of your user-centric analytics solution (Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Kochava, Amplitude, FB / Google – Firebase Analytics,…). You have to dedicate enough time and resources to create an efficient tracking plan. As stressed in the intro of this Segment’s piece about […]

How many gigs in French can you find on Fiverr?

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The main language used on Fiverr.com is of course English. But you can find gigs offered in all languages, including French.  How many gigs are there if you’re looking for services incl. “in French” in the description?  At time of writing (May, 1st 2021): 7,928.  Update¬†(September 9, 2022): we’re now at¬†11,845¬†= x 1.4949 in 16 months. Here are the best […]

The ideal theme & plugins starter stack to build a WordPress website [2023]

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I’m creating WordPress websites like this one on a daily basis. I have my preferences when it comes to picking a theme and plugins to build the perfect¬†WordPress site. Here’s the starter stack¬†I’m currently using, for almost every project. THEME + VISUAL BUILDER Hello by Elementor + Elementor Pro It’s the best theme/visual building tool […]