How to transcribe the audio from Youtube videos with Python

How to transcribe the audio from Youtube videos with Python

A few days ago, I wanted to transcribe the audio from some of my old Youtube videos to work on a content project. How to download a video from Youtube using Python? In order to extract the audio, I needed to download those videos from Youtube. There are multiple free websites on the web offering […]

Is The Future of Search On-Demand Generated Content?

Is The Future of Search On Demand Generated Content

Disclaimer: this piece was written by a human being on a Saturday morning. Bear with me for typos and other potential mistakes. While playing with my digital assistant (you know, the infamous ChatGPT, now banned in Italy), I was trying to wrap my head around the impact that this mind-blowing tool would have on Search […]

How to fix audio & video out of sync when using Loom on your Mac?


When using Loom to record your screen, you might face a very nasty issue if your DSLR or Hybrid camera is connected to your Mac via the Elgato Cam Link or another USB adapter. As you will see in my demo video below, my voice was by default out of sync with the video when […]

How to create your own ChatGPT with OpenAI + Google Sheets + Kaggle Notebooks

your own ChatGPT with OPEN AI Google Sheets Kaggle

BREAKING NEWS: There is now an official API for ChatGPT. You can follow the steps in this tutorial and replace the call to GPT-3 by a call to the ChatGPT API. ChatGPT is all the rage. Everyone has started using the conversation AI interface released in November 2022 by OpenAI. While it provides a great […]

Who are the most popular classical composers on the internet?

While researching Youtube videos, I came across the channel of Halidon Music, which has now more than 1B (1 billion) views across 1438 videos, with 1.81M subscribers. This wildly popular classical music channel, set up by an Italian label, helped me discover who are the most popular classical composers on the internet. Here’s the detailed data about the channel, […]

Add the perfect search engine to your WordPress website (spoiler: Algolia).

add the perfect search engine algolia xxl

The default search engine you’ll get from WordPress is decent. It does the job but it’s not that great. If you’re familiar with smooth autocomplete search forms, you expect more than the old school “hit search” which displays a bunch of results in a static list. Introducing Algolia, a product focused on providing an outstanding search UX […]

How to add new users to a Facebook custom audience. From your CRM, using Zapier.

add users to a custom audience on facebook using zapier xxl

If you’re not familiar with the concept of audiences in Facebook Advertising Manager, here’s a quick recap: You have basically 3 types of audiences: For this snack tip, I’m focusing on CUSTOM AUDIENCES generated from a customer CSV file. Once you get started with FB ads, a good practice is to upload your customers’ list and […]