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I’m offering you a selection of free SEO reports, built with DataForSEO, ValueSERP and a bunch of other tools. 

Use them to inform your competitive intelligence research.

There are 3 types of reports: competitive landscapes built around a target domain, competitive landscapes for a particular search query in a specific geo and “Comparing query types” using a range of Google search operators.

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Competitive landscapes around a target domain

I found this web property via one of the detailed reports on (UK Visibility Winners & Losers Q3 2022 – IndexWatch). It’s a typical affiliate site. It performed much better in 2020 / 2021 but apparently recovered some traffic in Q3 2022.

Epidemic Sound is one of the leading platforms to find royalty-free music for Youtube videos & other multimedia creations. 

Fandom is everywhere in the SERP. Whether you’re looking for Disney characters, Marvel movies or Netflix series, you’ll find them on Page One. is one of the leading AI-powered copywriting tools, a favourite for marketers. 

JobsForTeens HQ is a simple niche site dedicated to job opportunities for teenagers. is a website dedicated to All Thing Sailing. 

LondonXLondon is a leading website dedicated to All Things London, monetized with Mediavine, boasting 500K+ monthly visits.

Nvidia ($NVDA) is a world leader in GPU technology, a key component in the development of AI ventures 

OpenAI, now valued $29B, the company behind ChatGPT and Dall-E ranks their site in the Top 100 of global web properties. is one of the leading websites covering the world of celebrities. is one of the leading players in the custom / bespoke song industry. They generated $36m in revenues in 2022. 

Competitive landscapes for a particular search query in a specific geo

Comparing query types

I’m running a few queries via an in-house Python script leveraging a SERP API, to compare the amount of results for each type of query, using Google search operators:

  • intext: = Presence of the query in the body of the text
  • inurl: = Presence of the query in the URL slug
  • intitle: = Presence of the query in the title 
  • general SERP = Presence of the query anywhere in the HTML 


That’s a nice way to spot potential optimization opportunities for low competition (emerging) head terms or long tail search queries. 

Generative AI

Romantic Hotels

Tech Stack

Dog Training

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