Generative AI Consulting

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock in recent months, you’ve probably stumbled upon Generative AI – the game-changing tech shaking up the digital world! This groundbreaking innovation, spearheaded by companies such as OpenAI, DeepMindStability, Runway and MidJourney,  is redefining content creation, infusing it with novel concepts and time-saving techniques, empowering you to craft catchy text, eye-popping images, and personalized videos, elevating your creativity to unparalleled heights.

Generative AI Consulting

The power of Generative AI has revolutionized the way we create and consume content. Since the public release of the OpenAI API, I’ve spent hundreds of hours diving into the tech, experimenting with all its capabilities, which are evolving at a lightning pace. 

I am thrilled to share my knowledge to help your business harness this cutting-edge technology for sales & marketing purposestext, image, and video generation.

Utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning, leveraging a wide range of APIs, Generative AI can create content and develop tactics that are not only engaging but also tailored to your specific needs. 

Imagine having a virtual team of content creators and marketers at your fingertips, generating text, images, and videos that are not only unique but also relevant and on-brand. With my expertise in this field, I can help your business tap into this immense potential and stay ahead of the curve.

👇 What I offer 👇

What can you achieve with Generative AI in 2023?

📖 Text Generation

Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to limitless possibilities. Whether you need captivating ad copy, engaging blog posts, or persuasive sales pitches, Generative AI can craft the perfect message to resonate with your audience. With my guidance, custom prompts and bespoke scripts, you can automate and streamline content creation, saving time and effort while maintaining a high level of quality.

👉 Let me show you how to publish your own automated daily newsbrief on any topic, how to create well articulated summaries from raw data, ad copy, product descriptions, video outlines, research and design briefs, advanced code snippets and even hundreds of insightful articles on a specific topic in a single day. 

📷 Image Generation

 In a world where visuals make all the difference, Generative AI can create stunning, attention-grabbing images to elevate your brand. From product mockups and 3D renderings to photorealistic cinematic creatives and stunning digital art, the AI can generate images that are both appealing and relevant. Together, we can explore the creative possibilities this technology offers and enhance your visual content strategy.

👉 Let me show you how to create mood boards, character sheets, architect renderings,  automated featured images for your blog posts and much more.  

🎙 Audio Generation

Exploring audio content unlocks vast potential, and Generative AI can help you tap into this rich resource. With the ability to create engaging sound bites, expressive voiceovers, immersive podcasts, or even full-length audio productions, this technology can elevate your marketing and outreach efforts. I can guide you through the process, ensuring that your audio content is not only captivating but also tailored to your target audience.

👉 Let me show you how to convert a podcast into a blog post, how to generate an audio narration from a text presentation, or how to automatically extract the key highlights of a podcast or audiobook.

🎥 Video Generation

 Video content is king, and Generative AI can help you rule the kingdom. With the ability to create short clips, animations, or even full-length videos, this technology can amplify your marketing and outreach efforts. I can guide you through the process, ensuring that your video content is not only engaging but also tailored to your target audience. 

👉 Let me show you how to convert a Youtube video into a blog post, how to generate a video from a text presentation or how to automatically extract the key highlights of a video. 

👨‍💻 Code Generation

Delving into code creation offers immense possibilities, and Generative AI can assist you in harnessing this powerful tool. With the capability to develop efficient algorithms, elegant software solutions, innovative apps, or even comprehensive coding projects, this technology can amplify your development and productivity. I can guide you through the process, ensuring that your code is not only effective but also customized to your specific needs.

👉 Let me demonstrate how to convert a text brief into a functional application, how to generate code snippets from natural language descriptions, or how to use Copilot to 10x your coding productivity.

🚀 Advanced workflows

Generative AI is poised to transform the landscape of sales and marketing, as well as market research, at an unprecedented scale. Through API-based automations, Generative AI can empower your business to maintain a competitive edge, conserve resources, and make well-informed decisions.

👉 Let me show you how to automate market research, SEO, lead generation and personalized advertising. I can help you build your own AutoGPT / Baby AGI. 

You want to integrate Generative AI into your business practice?

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