Digital marketing is increasingly complex. You might feel confused, even overwhelmed. It's OK, I can help. I bring clarity by connecting the dots. My name is Frédérick Tubiermont. Simply Call me Fred.

from confusion to clarity call me fred

I have an eclectic entrepreneurial background

👨‍🎓 Interpreter

I speak French, English, Dutch & Russian.

🎙 Radio DJ

I’m still recording bespoke liners, jingles and podcast intros

I have launched the AI JINGLEMAKER.

🎶 Music Producer

I ran three music venues and produced a few pop/rock artists on my boutique label. 

🎪 Ringmaster

I launched a family circus for 2 summer seasons.

📚 Creative Writer

I self-published 5 novels on Amazon.

📢 Marketer

I’ve been promoting a wide range of businesses over the past 25 years: energy drinks, mobile entertainment, banking services, events, job board, car sharing, home building, custom apparel, wellness & diet, adtech, SaaS, etc. Both B2B & B2C.

I offer the following services

📋 360° Strategy

Leverage 25 years of hands-on experience, from the boardroom to the trenches.

📈 Market Research

Ask the right questions, get the right answers. 

🚀 Growth Hacking

Roll out creative white hat tactics to generate awareness, leads & sales.

🚀 Automation

I’m using both no-code platforms & Python scripts + AI models to develop effective workflows.

🌐 Programmatic SEO

Own your space: publish thousands of hyper targeted pages based on structured data.

🙏 In their own words

Frederick is the real-deal when it comes to innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship - he is polyvalent and multi-talented and is inspiring to witness the scope of activities he undertakes and drives to successful achievements. He is a combination scientist-rock star, taking risks - but very well calculated. He has my full respect and I would work with Frederick anytime.
Kurt Hemecker
CEO at Mina Foundation
I had the pleasure to cooperate with Frederick during a few years (2007-2009). During that time, he demonstrated great creative skills for mobile entertainment business. Most of his ideas were able to be quickly transformed into real business opportunities. In addition, he has a great sense of humor.
Bertrand Perez
CEO at Web3 Foundation
Frederick has an impressive range of skills ranging from the capacity to articulate a complete Strategic Vision & analysis of your business, down to the execution of any marketing plan details. This scope of competencies makes his recommendations even more valuable than many others', since they are deeply connected to the knowledge of the nitty gritty details of what Execution means in real life. This guy has read and digest Ben Horowitz's Hard thing about Hard things, and can assist you to execute a plan , from the board level, down into the trenches.
Francis Cohen
Innovative, disruptive,sometimes irreverent and subversive, most of the concepts we manage were bankable in european market from sweden to spain. TV, radio, newspaper and more than any web, fred is able to find the way to success. A huge partner.
Rémi Ambert
PDG - Priscius
Frederick is my business partner since 2004. We work together on a day-to-day basis. Fred is one of the most brillant businessman I have ever partnered with. We made piles of money together and still are. Not only Fred is incredibly creative at inventing business models but he is also able to make them happen and monetize them. Together, we created new brands, new ventures and new companies - some of them are still running and making money, others were sold to the likes of BNP Paribas. Everything Fred does is right-first-time and thoughtful. And our pipeline is still hot...
Fabrizio Verdiani
CEO - BodySano
Fred is a gifted entrepreneur with a rare combination of leadership, creativity and spunk. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for the past 7 years on various projects. I’ve always been in awe of his ability to perfectly juggle multiple projects. There is never a dull moment when Fred is around, he’s like an encyclopaedia of startups, growth hacks and “crazy-enough-that-it-might-work” ideas. I consider myself very lucky to have worked with someone with such a honed skillset, vast experience and visionary mindset. If you are growing a startup, do yourself a favour and get in touch with Fred. You’ll be impressed!
Alex Petrisor
CTO at Fusionary

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