Share a to-do list with multiple people

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Want to share a to-do list with multiple people? It’s not that easy to find the right solution.

I first thought to use Typeform (you know I love Typeform) but the issue is that you can’t log the timing for each step of a form, you just get the start & finish times for each completed form. And I needed to have a clear view on each and every step.

Then I tried to hack something using Trello or Wunderlist but the only thing you can do is basically duplicate / clone a checklist and share it with new assignees, one at a time. It’s a painful process. Moreover, you can’t export (to a Google Spreadsheet) the date / time data from a Trello checklist’s completed tasks with Zapier. You can do it for Wunderlist though, but you need to create a different Zap for each checklist duplicate (cause the reference for zap is a specific to-do). Imagine if you want to distribute a to-do list to 100 people… You’ll quickly run out of zaps in the basic plan (20 zaps) and you’ll probably forget a few recipients in the process.

So I spent a few hours searching for a better solution on Google. And I found the perfect product. It’s called Process St. It is a game changer. Basically you can easily create a checklist template and run as many instances as you want of that checklist. Each instance can be attributed to a specific assignee. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view on the process in progress via the web dashboard and you can also create Zapier zaps (see below) to export relevant logs in real time.

I’ve created two zaps for a field action I’ve just set up for a client. One logging in a Google Spreadsheet all the completed tasks of a specific checklist (columns = checklist name / assignee / task name / completion timing) and another one logging the comments added by the assignees to specific tasks in the checklist (columns = checklist name / assignee / task name / comment / comment timing).

That way my client will be able to see in real time in the Google Spreadsheet how the assignees (here field testers for an automotive mobile app) will complete the various steps of the checklist, adding comments when necessary (to report a bug, a delay,…).

Not only can you create checklists (as you would do in Wunderlist) but you can also add detailed rich-media instructions to each step of the list + add form fields which the assignees will fill in before completing a step. A truly amazing product!

There are plenty of use cases for Process St: content creation & promotion step-by-step process, employee onboarding, retail inspections,… The cool thing is that Process St also gives you readymade templates, which will serve as a starting point and/or inspire your own creations.

Check it out now (disclaimer: it is NOT an advertorial, I genuinely love this product).

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