What is the fastest way to check the organic popularity of a long list of websites?

batch analysis of a list of websites URL xxl

If you’re actively researching the players in a specific vertical, e.g. publishing, it’s very handy to know how to quickly check the organic popularity of the sites on your list. 

1° Create your list of websites

First, of course, you need a list to analyse. Earlier today, I found a list of digital publishing startups compiled by the author Michael Bhaskar. You can view it on Google Docs

2° Sanitise the list 

Then I needed to clean the list to keep only the URLs. I copied the full list and pasted it as values (unformatted) in a Google Sheet. I applied a formula in the first cell of the second column to clean the content of the first cell (A1).


I dragged down the formula across all cells to the bottom of the second column and ended up with a clean list of URLs. 

clean URLS on Google Sheet xl

3° Batch analysis on ahrefs

Then I copied the list and pasted it into the batch analysis tool on ahrefs

In a few seconds I got a detailed analysis of the first 200 domains on my list (if your list is longer than 200 entries, you’ll need to run multiple batch analyses). I sorted the list by organic traffic in descending order

Here’s an excerpt of the result. 

batch analysis ahrefs xl

 You can apply the same process for any kind of list you’d like to analyse: a list of Amazon affiliate sites, a list of Shopify-powered e-commerce websites, a list of SaaS tools, etc.

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