The faces of despair

the faces of despair xxl

I wasn’t particularly distressed this morning but while brainstorming about potential queries for my little SEO project, I started typing “I am desperate…” into Google Search. As Seth Stephens Davidowitz points it out in his book Everybody Lies, Google has become the new confessional. What do we come across if we suddenly share our despair with […]

The naked truth of nude queries 

nude celebrities xxl

“Nude” = traffic If you have a closer look at the search queries bringing traffic to some of the most popular mainstream websites on the internet, you may be surprised (or not) to see how many people land on these sites via nude- & naked-related requests. Let’s have a look for instance at nude queries […]

How to be happy alone? Suggestions of an AI writer.

How To Be Happy Alone AI Writer xxl

Earlier today I was browsing the Google Trends 2021 report. I came across a series of “How to be” queries. Here’s the full list. 1) How to be eligible for stimulus check2) How to be more attractive3) How to be happy alone4) How to be a baddie5) How to be a good boyfriend6) How to be a good kisser7) How to be […]

Grunt, Gangnam, Detroit,.. Doggy. Those aren’t really the styles I was expecting…

Detroit Style Pizza xxl

Maybe I’m too naïve or lost in some form of parallel romantic dimension but when I started researching “styles” for a brand new content project discussing trends in furniture, fashion, architecture, branding & design, I didn’t expect to come across the search queries I found on ahrefs (note: it’s not the first time I’m surprised by unexpected requests, read […]

Don’t be fooled by cursed images

cursed images xxl

Cursed images are another strange phenomenon you can randomly encounter once you fall down the internet rabbit hole. Cursed images are a type of internet meme that are typically disturbing or unsettling in some way. They often feature distorted or surreal visuals, and are designed to be disturbing or unsettling to look at. Many cursed […]

Cartoons & comics searches aren’t what I expected (18+ comics)

cartoons comics seo research xxl

As part of a new content project, I started researching the world of comics and cartoons using ahrefs, curious to see what people are searching for on Google in relation to these terms. It’s fair to say that I did not expect to get the results I’m sharing with you today. Here are the most popular queries related to “comics” (971,633 tracked […]