What is the future of copywriting in the age of AI?

What is the future of copywriting in the age of AI

The copywriting field is changing rapidly with advancements in AI. I’ve been keeping a close eye on how technology may impact my craft. Here are a few thoughts on how copywriters can future-proof their skills.

Focus on strategy, not just tactics

AI will continue improving at generating short-form copy, email subject lines, social media posts, etc. But strategic thinking—understanding a brand, its audience, and crafting an overarching message—requires human judgment and creativity. Copywriters should focus on honing those strategic skills.

Learn the foundations of data science

Copywriters have always relied on research, but data analysis is becoming increasingly important. Understanding statistics, how to interpret data visualizations, and basic modeling techniques will be key to developing insights that fuel creative copy.

Keep your creative skills sharp

While AI will get better at generating initial ideas and drafts, coming up with a truly compelling concept or turn of phrase still requires human creativity. Copywriters should practice creative techniques like brainstorming, mind mapping, and free association writing.

Stay up-to-date with technology

The AI and marketing tech landscapes change quickly. Copywriters should follow companies developing copywriting and content generation tools to understand their capabilities and limitations. They should also experiment with new tools to gain firsthand experience.

Consider hybrid roles

Some future copywriting jobs may blend strategy, content creation, and analytics. For example, a “content intelligence specialist” may analyze performance data to uncover insights, set content strategy, and oversee AI systems generating initial drafts. Exploring hybrid roles is a way for copywriters to future-proof their careers.

While AI will significantly impact copywriting, human judgment, creativity, and strategic thinking will remain vital. Copywriters who strengthen those skills while staying on the cutting edge of technology will be poised to thrive, even as more of their daily tasks are automated. The future of copywriting is human and AI, working together.

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