Country and Language codes to be used with Google Ads API

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If you plan to use the Google Ads API via Python or another client, you will have to mention the location id(s) in your request.  You can download the latest CSV version of the file listing location IDs via this link. If you’re looking to call the API for country-level requests, I have compiled a shortlist of […]

SEO without AI tools is doomed to be an unequal fight


When you take some time analysis what Google AI is capable of, such a generating Wikipedia snippets by summarizing long text sequences (link to paper), you understand that the task of SEO specialists simply armed with guesswork is doomed to fail in an unequal fight. In this example, we’re not only talking about old-school extractive […]

Happiness is hard to define

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Happiness is a strange emotion. It’s hard to define With the exception of chronically despaired fellows, we’re probably all in pursuit of happiness. If you ask anyone what they would wish to their best friend, they would probably list “health”, “success” and “happiness”, the former two influencing the third one. Sick broke people rarely consider […]

SEO is a form of proactive digital archeology in reverse

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Each and every day, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches. That means that every second there are more than 40,000 search queries typed into the Google search bar. It took you 5 seconds to read this introduction, which equals 200,000+ search queries.  Behind each search query there is a human being asking Google information about […]

Programmatic SEO: scaling your online presence while providing value to the readers

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Programmatic SEO is an emerging trend in Search Engine Optimization, focused on (semi)automated methods to scale your online presence through the mass creation of structured content addressing long tail keywords.  Programmatic SEO leverages publicly available data (such as location, business or nutritional info), annotated and enriched to provide value to the readers.  The premise is […]

What is the fastest way to check the organic popularity of a long list of websites?

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If you’re actively researching the players in a specific vertical, e.g. publishing, it’s very handy to know how to quickly check the organic popularity of the sites on your list.  1° Create your list of websites First, of course, you need a list to analyse. Earlier today, I found a list of digital publishing startups […]