How to distribute a podcast on Mixcloud + Spotify + Google + Apple Podcasts

how to distribute a podcast to mixcloud spotify apple podcast xxl

When I started a web radio using I immediately decided to post the replay of all our live shows on MixCloud. I’m not using the recording / transfer native integration between and MixCloud since I want to be able to edit the recorded show before publishing it as a podcast (adding jingles at the beginning and at the end, cleaning some mistakes, etc.). I’m recording all our live shows via Audio Hijack, using their embedded MP3 recorder in my dedicated broadcast workflow, and edit the MP3 with Audacity (free open source tool). It’s very fast. 

As soon as the MP3 is ready, I upload it manually to MixCloud, adding a few tags to optimise discovery on the MixCloud platform. In parallel, I upload the MP3 to, a podcast distribution platform which is now part of the Spotify family. 

On Anchor, CMF Radio is considered as an open ended podcast. Each new show is a new episode. Anchor automatically creates a beautiful landing page for the parent podcast and for all the episodes. The platform distributes each episode to a series of podcast publishers:

Apple Podcasts (requires a manual registration via Apple’s own service, then all episodes are pushed via Anchor), BreakerGoogle Podcasts,  Pocket CastsRadioPublic and, of course, Spotify

The great thing about being available on all these leading platforms is that it offers a frictionless listening experience to our fans who already have these applications installed on their mobile phones. Anchor provides detailed statistics about the usage from the different platforms (+ country-level details). 

And I forgot to mention a very important point: both MixCloud and Anchor are 100% free to use! Start distributing your podcasts to all these platforms in 2 clicks (one for MixCloud and one for Anchor)! 

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