How to draw [something]? What’s popular on Google?

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SEO keyword research gives us a lot of insights about web surfers’ preferences. When it comes to a specific notion, e.g. “how to draw”, the results we can collect on a tool like aHrefs tell us a lot about people’s tastes, beyond the topic itself. 

Let’s see which questions associated with drawing (how to draw…) are the 20 most popular at time of writing (Oct 2019) on Google USA.

how to draw41118K
how to draw a rose1669K
how to draw a dog1343K
how to draw anime2036K
how to draw a dragon732K
how to draw eyes1427K
how to draw hands1026K
how to draw a face2526K
how to draw a cat1525K
how to draw hair1225K
how to draw a unicorn1622K
how to draw lips1219K
how to draw a horse1218K
how to draw a flower718K
how to draw a nose718K
how to draw a wolf817K
how to draw a person1016K
how to draw people1016K
how to draw anime eyes1215K
how to draw faces3013K

How to draw” as a broad concept is unsurprisingly the most popular request (pretty competitive with a KD of 41 as you can see in the second column). People attracted to the craft of drawing simply want to start their learning process. 

Humanity still seems pretty romantic with “How to draw a rose” ranking #2, with 69,000 monthly queries on Google USA alone. 

rose animated gif how to draw beauty and the beast

The most popular animal on paper is the dog, with 43,000 monthly searches. 

Then we notice the popularity of anime (cartoons / comics) and the evergreen mythical dragon. It doesn’t seem too difficult to rank for this query (KD = 7/100).

The biggest challenge when it comes to drawing body parts is undoubtedly the eyes, followed by hands and a face as a whole. 

Then we come across “how to draw a cat“, followed by hair (which can be indeed quite tricky to draw) and another mythical creature, the unicorn (FYI, I didn’t see the mermaid in the Top 50). 

Lips are the next body part which upcoming artists want to master in drawing. 

After dogs and cats, horses are the next popular (real) animal on the list. 

Roses ranked at #2 and flower(s) as a generic topic at #14. 

After eyes, hands, a face, hair and lips, we come across the nose, another tricky body part to render properly. 

nose drawing gif

The wolf is the first (real) wild animal on the list (dragons and unicorns being confined to our imagination).

person and people in general come next, followed by anime eyes and faces in the plural form. 

As you can see below, this list from Ahrefs is more or less confirmed by Google Search suggestions, here for

how to draw google

What do you want to draw?

Simply type your query into Google and you’ll find plenty of useful tutorials. That’s the beauty of the WWW! (Click here to download a list of the 1,000 most popular queries).

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