Invite users who reacted to your Facebook posts

invite users who reacted to your facebook post xxl

A few months ago I discovered a very efficient way  to increase the amount of followers (“likers”) of the Facebook pages of my clients. It requires systematic manual work but it’s worth the effort.

It can be summed up in a few words: always invite users who reacted to your Facebook posts. When people like (love & other positive reactions)  your posts (either editorial or promotional), simply click (on desktop) on the row of reactions, select “ALL” (to get all types of reactions in a single list) and start inviting all the users who reacted to your post (beware: exclude negative reactions).

invite users Facebook

You’ll be amazed at the amount of “page likes” you’ll quickly get from this recurring process.

invite users facebook
I usually dedicate a few minutes per day to go through the latest posts of my clients and hit “invite” on all the new reactions. A labour of love 😉
invite users list

Don’t go too crazy though. Facebook might temporarily block your account if you invite too many users in a row. Spread your efforts.

Otherwise, you’ll have to contact Facebook Concierge Support.

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