Is there a better online translation tool than Google Translate?

online translations DeepL xxl

This article will be very short. The quick answer is: YES

This tool has been developed by the founder of Linguee, which you’ve probably come across if you’re frequently looking for long phrases translations (Linguee has a similar approach to Ludwig, mining phrases from leading publications). 

The translation tool I invite you to consider if you’re looking to outperform Google Translate is DeepL. The company is based in Germany. Their software leverages machine learning to deliver outstanding translation results. 

DeePL translation xl

For quick translations, you can use the translator for free on I’m using the free online module on a daily basis and the premium API for more sophisticated projects. 

The API is very easy to integrate with Integromat, Zapier and other automation tools. You can for instance connect Google Sheets to Integromat, call the API, line by line, and update a series of cells in a single row to get up to 10 translations in a few seconds! Very impressive and so satisfying to look at!

The DeepL translation API costs EUR 4.99 per month for the access+ usage (pay as you go), at a rate of EUR 20 per 1,000,000 characters. You can follow your consumption in real time via DeepL dashboard. 

I’ve tested many translation tools and, at time of writing (Dec 2020), DeepL provides the World’s Best Machine Translation. 

Give it a try to improve the quality of your machine translations!

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